Only for explorers

Languages: DEESFRHU | ITPT | PL | RO | RU |  RRO

FOR EDUCATORS: See our class activities on the IAU Astroedu website


Welcome to the Solar System!

On these pages you will find maps, which you can view on the internet, or you can download them and have the file printed in a nearby print or photocopy shop in colour, up to large sizes. The best is to place them next to your bed, on your wall, or maybe on the ceiling so that you can study them any time you want.
Have a nice trip and make sure you do not get lost on the way! Take the map with you.


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      1. This is the site I was brought to yesterday and nothing clicked on the left panel or anywhere else. It works now with the site you provided. Thank you very much. I look forward to using them with our Young Astronomers program.

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