Children’s maps on the solid-surfaced planetary bodies of the Solar System

A set of maps illustrating the planetary bodies of the Solar System for children of ages 8-14.

In the framework of the program Europlanet 2012, surfaces of six Solar System planets are illustrated by planetary scientists and graphic artists on spectacular map pages. This is the first project, in which such detailed, hand-drawn lunar and planetary maps are created for children, in the most spoken languages of Europe. The map pages, prepared according to the latest data from space probes, are accompanied by booklets, where background information, interesting facts can be found in a form understandable for children. The topics covered here are compiled with the help of the children’s questions asked about the maps.
The map series was prepared with the professional support of ICA Commission on Planetary Cartography. Professional editor of the series is Henrik Hargitai, planetologist, and the designers who created the maps in the visual language of children were selected from the best children’s book illustrators of Hungary: András Baranyai (Venus), Csilla Gévai (Europa), László Herbszt (the Moon), Csilla Kőszeghy (Mars), Panka Pásztohy (TItan) and Dóri Sirály (Io).



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