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Moffett Field, NASA Ames Center, California, 4/28/2016

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Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, September 24–25, 2015


The Planetary Maps Exhibition at Technische Universität Berlin (TUB, Germany) in frame of ISPRS Working Group IV/8 meeting, where planetary maps for children were presented in German. Source

Moscow, Space Research Institute (IKI),  October 5–9, 2015.


Cartographers Anastasiya Zharkova and Zhanna Rodionova demonstrated a new hypsometric Globe of Mercury at the Planetary Maps Exhibition in Space Research Institute (IKI), Moscow, October 5–9, 2015. The new hypsometric Globe of Mercury was presented in honor of the 50th anniversary of IKI.

Zvyozdny Gorodok, Russia, November 17, 2015


Exhibit at Zvyozdny gorodok,  at the Russian Research and Test Cosmonaut Training Center named after Yury Gagarin. Source: MExLab, Moscow.

Rio de Janeiro, August 24, 2015. ICC2015 Exhibition.



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